There aren't many places better than Austin for a well-trained dog. Whether enjoying our numerous on and off leash trails, shopping, or relaxing at an open-air café or trailer eatery, a well mannered dog can go more places with us.

Our dog training programs help you develop a solid relationship built on trust, understanding and clear communication between you and your dog. Our goal is to provide real-world obedience that enriches both your life, and the life of your dog.

Training Programs

Canine Camp:

This is the most effective program designed to achieve fast results. Your dog will stay four full weeks at camp, and will learn basic manners (come, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, and place) and enjoy playtime with like minded dogs.

The fee of $1,600 includes:

  • 4 weeks boarding and training
  • Food
  • Bath and nail trim
  • A "go-home" lesson when you come to pick up your dog.
  • 1 follow up lessons in your home (or agreed- upon location)

Canine Camp Refresher:

Cost: $800 for 2 weeks
Graduates of our four-week Canine Camp program can enroll in our Canine Camp refresher. This course reinforces the obedience skill learned in Canine Camp, and provides excellent mental stimulation for your dog during an extended stay at the camp.

Movie Star:

Cost: $1200 for 2 weeks
This is for the already well trained dog. We'll train our dog the basic skills needed to perform in front of the camera. This program is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog, help make their brain work and impress your friends.
- Prerequisite: trainer evaluation of obedience level.
All dogs that come to camp need to have updated shot records faxes or emailed BEFORE your arrival. Vaccinations required are: Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordatella and K9 Influenza H3N2


• I have a 1 ½ yr. old Labradoodle named Happy. I sent him to the 30 day training program because he was totally out of control, jumping on everyone and barking all the time. I could not walk him on a leash without being pulled down the street and he never came when he was called thus almost being hit by a car. After his 30 days with Catherine he came back a much calmer and well behaved dog that is a pleasure to walk and I don’t have to worry about him jumping on everyone any more. Catherine also taught me and my family how to maintain everything that he learned at camp. Thank you Catherine, you are a miracle worker!!!!!! Cindy Melosi………Austin, TX

• Six years old - but still such a puppy!!! Lacy is already such a better listener at home and yet still has her spirited and playful personality. We've now got the tools and techniques to stay on top of her training. Thank you for working with her Catherine!

• We are so glad to have them back and they are doing really well so far! We are so thankful for the great foundation work you have done with them and can't wait to continue the training at home! Cutter and Angelina

• Great trainer, fun place, movie star dogs! Deborah Ullrich

• I want to thank Rachel Stamper at Bobbi Colorado's Canine Camp. You did an amazing job getting Buster to be more obedient . He is home now and we are working hard not to mess up everything you taught him. :-) thanks so much .Kristin Bjelland Butler

• Look at my good boy! Rachel Stamper is a miracle worker. Thank you, and Bobbi Colorado's Canine Camp!

Call our trainer at: (512) -288-6928
Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.

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